LED Modules

S Channel Letter - Lit by Allanson LED Lighting“We have LED Lighting Solutions for all of your lighting needs.”

LEDgen 0.5W & 1W Modules
LEDgen2 0.5W, 0.75W, & 1W Modules
LEDgen2 Micro Mini Modules
LEDgen2 Mini Module
Low & Very Low Profile Modules (As low as 1.5″ deep signs)
StormTight LED 3 Watt (Great fluorescent replacement)
StromTight LED 1 Watt
StormTight II Modules (Our brightest and best)
Classic Series – White (Economical module)
Color Modules (Bright colors for any lighting situation)
RGB Modules (Color Animated Lighting)
Econo Module

All of our modules feature:

  • Energy Efficient Modules
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Pre-soldered leads between modules
  • Easy layout: thick double sided VHB tape
  • Compact Size
  • Low energy consumption
  • Leads sealed into each board
  • Cool operating temperature promotes longer LED life

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Specifications - StormTight LEDs
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